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Attendance Policy


Attendance Policy:


*** Due to the pandemic, there are no classroom hours.  Please adjust the information to working online only***


Students will be required to attend class once per week and have their worked checked by an instructor in order to receive attendance credit. Students are expected to work a minimum of 12 hours a week on their coursework each week.  The required 12 hours can be a combination of in class work and work at home.  Students will receive 12 hours of attendance credit for completing their weekly assignment, in addition to any seat time hours in the classroom.


One course will be assigned at a time.  A ten credit class will usually be assigned for four weeks and a five credit class for two weeks. A student may move ahead and complete a course in a shorter amount of time, however; all work turned in must meet a minimum passing score of 70%.  When the assignment is completed, a new course will be assigned.



Students are expected to earn 30 - 40 credits per semester.  A semester is approximately 16 weeks.