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ESL Resources- At Home Study

Keep Learning (during school closure)

Dear Students,

The resources below will allow you to continue practicing your basic English skills while the adult school is closed.
If you don't have a printer, you can do the exercises on your own paper. 
You can choose to watch as many videos you want and in any order.  

Estimados Estudiantes,

Los siguientes materiales le permitiran seguir practicando su habilidad basica en el idioma Ingles mientras la escuela de adultos permanece cerrada.
Si no tiene una impresora, usted puede hacer los ejercicios en su cuaderno.
Usted puede escojer cuantos videos quiera mirar y puede hacerlo en cualquier orden.

Learning Resources

Watch the Video and then Click on the workbook to do the written exercises. 
Mire el video y luego haga click en el libro de trabajo (workbook) para hacer los ejercisios escritos. 
Unit 1- Introductions
Unit 2- Where do you live?
Unit 3- The Calendar
Unit 4- Nationalities
Unit 5- Tell me About your Family
Unit 6- How Much Is It?
Unit 7- Places in the Neighborhood
Unit 8- Ordering Food
Unit 9- Safety
Unit 10- Parts of the Body
Unit 11- Going to the Doctor
Unit 12- Job Occupations
Unit 13- Applying for a Job
Unit 14- A job Interview
Unit 15- Work Schedules
Unit 16- Asking for Help
Unit 17- Your House or Apartment
Unit 18- Furniture and Appliances
Unit 19- Transportation
Unit 20- Weather